Autumn in Korea – 한국 가을 2018

This is the first time for me to meet the Korean Autumn. Eventhough I already read on the Internet or saw on TV that this is a wonderful time here, I still can’t help but fall in love with it ?.

The weather is not hot anymore, rather cool. You can feel the autumn breeze and also see it taking all the colorful leaves with it. Day by day  you can see the color of your surrounding is changing – on the streets, in the parks or on the mountains. From green to yellow, to orange then red… Then maybe you only see a naked tree left, without any leaf.

Everyday is more beautiful than the previous day…

I went around, enjoying this fabulous scenery and try to capture it with all devices I have. But I only feel helpless, because the reality is much more lively, much more colorful, much more fantastic… No word, no picture can describe the beauty of the autumn in Korea. You have to come, to see and breath it by yourself.

Well, despite that fact, I still would love to share some pictures of my autumn collection with you to give you more motivation to come to Korea in autumn ☺️.

All of them were taken between end of September and end of October 2018. The whole collection as well as the locations I’ve been to can be found here.

Korea, Autumn, Fall, Herbst, Reisein Korea, Travel in Korea, Natur, Nature
Korea, Autumn, Fall, Herbst, Reisein Korea, Travel in Korea, Natur, Nature
Korea, Autumn, Fall, Herbst, Reisein Korea, Travel in Korea, Natur, Nature

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The Han-River – 한강 (Hangang) [Seoul]

한강 – Hangang is the main river of Seoul that flows through the city and divides it in two main parts Gangbuk (northern part of the river) and Gangnam (southern part).

On the river banks there are in total 12 parks that were built since 1982 and are maintained regularly until today. Thanks to that, the citizens as well as visitors can enjoy a beautiful green environment for more than 41km along the river in many different ways. It can simply be going for a walk, taking some nice pictures, or doing exercises, jogging, riding bicycle, playing basket ball, go fishing… or even camping and partying with family and friends.

Seoul, Hangang Park
Pedestrian bridge to Yeouido park

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Hangang Climbing Championship 2018 [Seoul]

After long time waiting, yesterday, the 3rd Spyder Hangang Climbing Championship 2018 was finally held in Banpo Hangang Park. Here you could watch professional as well as amateur rock climber competing and enjoying the 14-meter high wall, built directly on the water of the Han-river. All must climb without rope. And in case anyone cannot make the move, he or she would fall into the water.

Banpo Hangang Park

The amateur rock climbers started already in the morning. Only at around 7:30 pm, the final round with pros cominng from Korea, Japan, Germany, USA, Canada, etc. began.

The registration for this competition was in May. Since my climbing skill was just so so… I decided only to watch :-). My friends and I was at the park at around 6:30 pm to watch the pro-final. Truelly impressive!

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