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I’ve started this blog since we moved from Germany to South-Korea. Firstly it was just to note and store the stories that I’ve experienced as a newcomer in this country. But then, a lot of things were really useful for other newcomers too, so I’m sharing mydaysinkorea with you, to make your days easier and more enjoyable.

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Tips for Korea

Sometimes it is better to know in advance, what to bring, what is to be aware of, etc. Here are all my personal tips for you. You can find helpful information for the preparation, about the culture, life, festival as well as transportation in Korea.

Food and drinks

If you have no idea what kind of food and drink you can get in Korea, have a look in this category. There are a lot of great choices. All are worthy to taste.

Travel in Korea

Eventhough the country is not very big, there are a lot of beautiful places waiting for you to visit. In order to make it easier to follow, all the destinations are splitted in the following regions: 1-Seoul, 2-Busan, 3-Jeju, 4-Gyeonggi, 5-Gangwon, 6-Gyeongsang, 7-Jeolla, 8-Chungcheong.

For your orientation:

Korea, SΓΌd-Korea, Karte, Map

Travel outside Korea

Of course, outside of Korea there are also many wonderful places to visit. You’ll find some of them here too.

Rock climbing

No matter outdoor or indoor, I really enjoy it. Here you will find information about the mountain areas as well as gyms I’ve visited.

Through my lens

Albums and pictures in which I tried to capture the beautiful moments I’ve experienced. Still the best is to enjoy it by yourself.


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