Boulder gym – The Climb Hongdae [Seoul]

In Germany, I really enjoyed rock climbing with friends. In this sport, you need to use all the muscles you have to go up high. That’s why, for me it’s one of the best sports. I used to go to the gym or outdoor twice, three times a week. Since I’ve moved to Seoul, I don’t really know neither climbing, boulder gym, nor anyone who would go out to the mountains to join.

Well, no matter… I’ve made a list with all available gyms in Seoul, would like to visit all at least once, then find out which one is the best for me, and maybe I can also find new cool climbing mates there 😊!

Today was my first visit to The Climb Hongdae.

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One round on the Hwaseong Fortress in Suwon

For a short break from the city life, today we made a half-day-trip in Suwon, which was around 1h driving to the south from Seoul’s center. Our main purpose was to visit the Hwaseong Fortress, an UNESCO World Heritage, that was built at the end of the 18th Century. We started our 5.5km walk on the fortress at the Hwahongmun Gate and finished after 3h.

A perfect location to escape the city and to shoot!

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May 8th – Parents’ day – 어버이날

During the weekend, I’ve seen many small shops and stores selling flowers, especially carnations, even on holidays. I have been wondering for several days and now got the answers from some friends:

Today, May 8th is “Parents’ day” – “어버이날” – in Korea. All children will show their parents love, respect, gratefulness, and also their promise to protect them, like the parents always do for their children. The traditional presents to give are red carnations.

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Get ready for Buddha’s birthday [Seoul]

If you visit Seoul during the upcoming weekend (May 11th until 13th), you will have a great chance to join one of the Korean traditional and most colorful festival there – the Lotus Lantern Festival. This is to celebrate Buddha’s birthday on April 8th by Lunar Calendar (May 22nd 2018).

Since yesterday, visitors can already enjoy the first laterns on Cheonggyecheon stream.

Looking forward so much to the Celebration!