Get ready for Buddha’s birthday [Seoul]

If you visit Seoul during the upcoming weekend (May 11th until 13th), you will have a great chance to join one of the Korean traditional and most colorful festival there – the Lotus Lantern Festival. This is to celebrate Buddha’s birthday on April 8th by Lunar Calendar (May 22nd 2018).

Since yesterday, visitors can already enjoy the first laterns on Cheonggyecheon stream.

Looking forward so much to the Celebration!

Quick shopping @convenience store

The title may sound strange for you, but if you’re from Europe or especially Germany, you may understand why: all stores there are usually closed on Sunday and public holidays. Only the gas stations are opened, but only until 11pm and you have to somehow get there.

Some days ago, we arrived in Seoul and sudently found out, that we forgot some (important) items, for example toothpaste, hairspray and so on. It was on a public holiday and late. And to be honest, I didn’t want to move any more after a long flight from Germany to Seoul.

Luckily, convenience stores are very popular in Seoul. Checking on the internet, we could find 3 stores, that we can reach within a minute – 7 eleven, CU or GS25. And all were open 24h, even during weekend and on holidays! So cool! Let’s go for a super quick shopping!

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Seoul to me…

…is a wonderful mix of modern and traditional characteristics.
Do you feel the same?

Seoul, Gwanghwamun, mydaysinkorea
Seoul, Gyeonghuigung, mydaysinkorea
Seoul, mydaysinkorea, museum
Seoul history museum

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After spending over a decade living and working in Germany, thanks to my dearest hubby, I now have a chance to spend my sabbatical leave in South Korea. Leaving a lot of things behind, we are now in Seoul and start a new adventure together.

I promised myself to spend my time here wisely, to do worthwhile things, to try out things that I have always whished to do but never had time for it.

In this blog, I would like to share with you my personal experiences living and exploring South Korea.

Hope you will enjoy it and looking forward to your comment and feedback!