How to get around in Seoul with Metro

After spending a lot of time stucking in traffic jam in Seoul, I felt it really not funny, sometimes even frustrating, to drive in Seoul ?. For me, the best way to travel in the city is to take the subway (지하철 metro) and walk. There are a lot of information online for tourists how to use the subway, e.g. from the Seoul Metro site. But here are my additional 4 tipps for you after using the subway multiple times.

1. How to plan your route?

You can easly get a subway map everywhere: from your guide book, from a tourist map, google maps, etc. However, the network in Seoul is really huge, that’s why you may need a magnifier to read all station names on the maps.

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How the Lotus Lantern Festival Yeon Deung Hoe 2018 ended [Seoul]

As already mentioned in my post about “Get ready for Buddha’s birthday”, the Lotus Lantern Festival has already taken place during the last weekend.

Before it started, also in Jogyesa temple, one of the most important buddhistish temple in Korea, everyone was busy making and hänging the colorful lanterns. So beautiful…

Lotuslaternenfest, Lotus lantern, jogyesa, seoul, buddha

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Get ready for Buddha’s birthday [Seoul]

If you visit Seoul during the upcoming weekend (May 11th until 13th), you will have a great chance to join one of the Korean traditional and most colorful festival there – the Lotus Lantern Festival. This is to celebrate Buddha’s birthday on April 8th by Lunar Calendar (May 22nd 2018).

Since yesterday, visitors can already enjoy the first laterns on Cheonggyecheon stream.

Looking forward so much to the Celebration!

Seoul to me…

…is a wonderful mix of modern and traditional characteristics.
Do you feel the same?

Seoul, Gwanghwamun, mydaysinkorea
Seoul, Gyeonghuigung, mydaysinkorea
Seoul, mydaysinkorea, museum
Seoul history museum

Die Deutsche Version hierfür findest du hier.


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After spending over a decade living and working in Germany, thanks to my dearest hubby, I now have a chance to spend my sabbatical leave in South Korea. Leaving a lot of things behind, we are now in Seoul and start a new adventure together.

I promised myself to spend my time here wisely, to do worthwhile things, to try out things that I have always whished to do but never had time for it.

In this blog, I would like to share with you my personal experiences living and exploring South Korea.

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