Korean street food – 길거리 음식 (2)

I’ve had a very useful and amazing Korean lesson this week. We went to the traditional Gwangjang Market and learned names of the items, practiced with Korean, how to ask for price, buy or order food, etc. I feel quite confident now to ask those questions, but still struggle with all the answers Korean give me ?. Well well… need to practice more.

However, I found out, that Gwangjang market was a real food paradise. I personally perfer to go here than to the touristy Tongin market.

Besides the street food listed in my other post 길거리 음식 (1), you can find here a lot more, for example:

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Get to know the way of tea to and in Korea

During one of my last trips in Seoul, I by chance visited a very small and hidden Tea house in the middle of Insadong. Its name sounds very romantic – 달새는 달만 생각한다 – The moon-bird is only thinking about the moon. This was my first time I had korean tea and korean tea set in front of me.

To be honest, I was a bit overstrained by so many parts of the tea set. All you need to do is only to pour the water over the tea, isn’t it ?? I somehow made the tea, it tasted really good, but not sure whether I did it correctly or not. Since then, I really wanted to know, in which way tea should be prepared in Korea.

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Korean street food – 길거리 음식 (1)

While walking through Seoul, especially in big shopping or university areas you will find a lot of food trucks, standing around and selling good looking street food. If you listen to the Korean people eating there, you may hear „mahsitssoyo“ (맛있어요) – it’s delicious. The price is also very affordable, somewhat between KWR1.000~10.000 ($1~10).

But what are they selling? ?


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Quick shopping @convenience store

The title may sound strange for you, but if you’re from Europe or especially Germany, you may understand why: all stores there are usually closed on Sunday and public holidays. Only the gas stations are opened, but only until 11pm and you have to somehow get there.

Some days ago, we arrived in Seoul and sudently found out, that we forgot some (important) items, for example toothpaste, hairspray and so on. It was on a public holiday and late. And to be honest, I didn’t want to move any more after a long flight from Germany to Seoul.

Luckily, convenience stores are very popular in Seoul. Checking on the internet, we could find 3 stores, that we can reach within a minute – 7 eleven, CU or GS25. And all were open 24h, even during weekend and on holidays! So cool! Let’s go for a super quick shopping!

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