Fun things to do in Lotte World Tower and Mall (Songpa, Seoul)

During the summer the weather in Seoul may be very hot and humid, or rainy, hence it‘s hard to stay for a long time outside. If you have a day like this to spend, you may want to visit the Lotte World Tower and Mall. Here will find a lot of fun things to do indoor for the whole family.

Lotte World Tower in Fall

Brief information about Lotte World Tower and Mall

Located in Songpa district, right next to the Seokchon lake, is Seoul’s beautiful landmark – the Lotte World Tower. It has been open to the public since 2017 and is the highest skyscraper in South Korea as well as the 5th highest in the world (2020). On 123 floors of the Lotte Towers you can find many facilities, from restaurants, offices, event hall, to a luxury hotel, as well as the observatory deck.

Lotte World Tower and Mall

The Lotte World Tower is a part of the Lotte World Mall complex, which moreover contains the Lotte World Mall, Lotte Cinema World Tower and the Avenue L buildings.

Soon after opening, this complex became a visitor magnet because of its wide variety of fun things to do. Let’s check them out!

How to get there

Address: 05551, Olympic-ro 300, Songpa-gu, Seoul (Sincheon-dong 29)

Location on maps: Naver MapKakaoMapGoogle Maps

Directions: The easiest way to get to the Lotte World Tower is taking the Metro line 2 or line 8 and get off at the Jamsil station, exit 1, 2 or 10. You can’t miss it ?.

For more information, please visit their official Homepage.

Fun things to do in Lotte World Tower and Mall

Seoul Sky – the observatory deck

Hangang sunset
Sunset over Seoul from Seoul Sky

Watching Seoul from its highest building – this is one of the most impressive ways to enjoy the city! Especially when the sky is clear.

From the basement B1 floor of the Lotte World Tower, the fastest double deck elevator in the world will take you to the 117th floor in just seconds. From there you can go upto 122th floor to enjoy the 360-degree view of Seoul indoor or on the sky terrace. Photo zones, coffee, souvenir shops are available.

Lotte World Tower
Over 500m high

On the 123th floor is the Sky Lounge where you have some nice food and drink while enjoying the panorama of Seoul, without the tourists’ crowd.

Don’t forget to reserve the tickets in advance online to reduce the queuing time and save some money.

By the way, did you know that you can also run ??‍♀️ from the first to the top floor of the Lotte World Tower? Indeed, if you attend the Sky Run organized by the Vertical World Circuit. I did that last year ?. It was hard, but at the same time it was a good challenge for me to reach and get over my limit.

Sky Run is fun!

HOT! – Seoul Sky’s Sky Bridge

A bridge tour on Lotte World Tower is open to the public from July 24th, 2020. With this you will be able to walk on the bridge connecting the two structures on the top of the tower and have a great panoramic view over Seoul from 541m high. And the coolest part is – it’s outdoor!!! How cool is that!!! ? (Not suitable for people with acrophobia though.)

Lotte Tower Top
Now you can go out even higher with the Sky bridge tour

Hope I can join this tour very soon!!!

More information can be found on the homepage of the Lotte World Tower.

Lotte World Aquarium

Leaving the high sky, let’s visit the deep ocean in the Lotte World Aquarium, which is located in the Lotte World Mall building. It’s supposed to be the largest and longest aquarium in Korea.

Lotte World Aquarium
Giant ocean tank

Walking through its 13 theme zones you will be able to see various eco systems with about 55.000 marine organisms from 650 different species. Visitors can not only see the animals, but also attend many education and experience programs to gain deeper knowledge about marine life.

Especially kids will have a lot of fun here.  I’ve seen how excited they were while feeding the fishes, learning how to help the animals in Junior doctor tour, or attending the Jellyfish club.

Wonderful sealife in Lotte World Aquarium

For more information, please visit the website of Lotte World Aquarium.

Cinema and theatre

Fans of blockbusters and music will find places to spend their time in this complex as well.

Asia’s largest theater, located in the Lotte Cinema World Tower, offers you many options to watch movies. No matter whether it’s 4k, 4D, or even a private theater.

Meanwhile in the neighboring building – the Lotte World Mall – there’s a vineyard-style concert hall, featured with a massive pipe organ. It will let you enjoy beautiful acoustics and bring you very close to the musicians.


Prepare enough money with you because you may want to spend a lot of money when go shopping at Lotte World Tower and Mall.

Lotte World AvenueL
Avenue L – a place for luxury brands

Many luxury fashion, jewelry and cosmetic brands have their stores in AvenueL, while “normal” and local brands can be found in Lotte World Shopping Mall. It you’re in Korea for a trip, don’t forget to visit the Duty-free department there for real steal. Groceries and electronics are available in the Lotte World Mall as well.

Lotte World Mall
Lotte World Shopping Mall

Are you still looking for what to bring back home as souvenirs? Check out the “Made in Korea” souvenir list I’ve made for you.

Food experiences

Of course! You can’t enjoy anything with an empty stomach, right? There are so many choices for you to select here.

In the Lotte World Tower are two fine dining 1* Michelin restaurants, an upscale bar as well as a Pastry Salon that belong to the Signiel hotel. They are located on the 81th and 79th floor and can be visited if you have reservation.

In other buildings you can enjoy food in various casual dining restaurants, cafés and snack shops.


Lotte Museum of Art is open for art lovers on the 7th floor of the Lotte World Tower.

For companies or organizations that want to hold big event, you can book meeting rooms and event halls in the convention complex on the 31st floor.

More things to do in Songpa

Songpa Tourist Information

If you wish to have more information about things to in Songpa, don’t forget to visit the Songpa Tourist Information, which is located right between the Lotte World Mall complex and Seokchon lake. I was very surprised about the wide variety of great activities in this district.

Songpa trails

One of the fun things to do outdoor here, when the weather is nice to walk outside, are the Songpa trails. They contain four courses: Hangang river trail (3,2km), Tancheon stream trail (7,4km), Jangjicheon stream trail (4,4km) and Seongnaechon stream trail (6km) that lead you through many beautiful spots of Songpa.

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