Explore Korea with the high-speed train KTX

When travel in South Korea, you may have seen the high-speed train KTX – Korean Train eXpress. This is a very convenient, safe and super fast way to travel on long distance that you would love.

KTX is operated by the Korean Railroad Corporation, designed and working based on the French technology that is applied for the TGV and can drive up to 350km/h. So for such a long route as from Seoul to Busan, which is around 400km with car, it only need about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Additionally, for this connection, you can choose any of the 60 (!) different trains that go per day. Super convenient!

The ticket price depends on the departure time, but is quite affordable. The price for a economy class is some what between 50.000~60.000₩ (~40-50€) from Seoul to Busan incl. Seat reservation. Children under 13 years old will have discount.

Foreign tourists, who want to travel a lot through the country, can purchase a Korail Pass to save more money.

The train cabinet is clean, equipped with Air Conditioner and is despite the high speed, relatively quiet.

KTX, Train to Busan

Here are some more tips for you before traveling with KTX.

How to find the right connection?

As usual, you can always use a smart phone navigation app such as Naver Map or Kakao Map to calculate the route with public transportation. Here you can see, which KTX Station you should take to depart and where you would arrive.

KTX, Train to Busan, Naver Map

If more information needed, you can select INFO of the KTX to see the link to KTX Homepage, later trains and prices.

KTX, Train to Busan, Naver Map

How to buy ticket online?

KTX Tickets can be purchased up to 1 month before the train departs. You can buy it at a counter or ticket machine at a KTX Station, or online via the KTX Homepage .

Here you can buy max. 9 tickets. All you need is Internet, all passport numbers, a credit card to pay online and optionally a printer. In case you don’t have a printer, you can show the online reservation number at ticket counters and exchange it into a valid ticket.

Now it’s quite easy to just follow all the steps on the KTX Homepage to purchase and print your tickets.

KTX, Train to Busan

How to return or change the ticket?

You can apply online for ticket refund prior the departure time. However, the refund can only be done at counter and after the original departure time.

If you already purchased a ticket and find out, that you need to change the time, you need to go to the counter prior the scheduled departure and have the ticket rebooked. Some fee may be applied.

What to do in the KTX?

Reading, listening to music, watching the beautiful signs outside, working, talking to other people, sleeping…

There is free wifi and power socket in the KTX too.

KTX doesn’t have a restaurant wagon, but there are some vending machines, where you can buy some food and beverage.

What to do if you forget something in the KTX?

When you arrive and realize that you already forgot something in the train, you can directly go to the Lost and Found office. There, show your ticket, describe shortly what you forget and leave your phone number, so that they can call you when they find your lost item.

I experienced it myself on my trip to Busan. I forgot my sunglasses and on the next day I got it back. So lucky!

Please be aware, that all tips are based on my current personal experiences. Please check for more up-to-date information on the KTX Homepage before you go.

Train to Busan, Gamcheon Village
Busan is only 2h away from Seoul with KTX
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