Korean Barbeque – 고기 구이 (gogi gui)

Korean BBQ is one of the most famous and beloved Korean food – I would say. I’ve never met anyone who loves meat and doesn’t love Korean BBQ. In Korea, you can easily find BBQ Restaurants in every corner. They have special table grills with a hole for burning charcoal and an integrated smoke outlet.

Korean BBQ, Koreanisches Essen
Charcoal grill table

One restaurant usually only serve one or two kinds of meat, e.g. Beef restaurant may also serve pork, but doesn’t have chicken, or chicken BBQ restaurant doesn’t serve pork or beef, etc. However, you can still find a lot different kinds of meat to put on the grill: pork, beef, lamb, chicken, seafood, fish, …

In the restaurant you only order how many portions meat you would like to have, but will get a meal set with a lot of side dishes, so that the table will be pretty full. All side dishes such as kimchi, salad, soup, steamed egg – 계란찜 (Gyeranjjim), and so on are already included in the meal price. You can eat as much as you can, order more if you need and they’re free of charge. You only have to pay additionally for beverage, rice or cold noodle.

Korean BBQ, Koreanisches Essen
Steamed egg – 계란찜 (Gyeranjjim)

The raw meat could be marinated, spicy or not, depending on restaurants’ recipes. It will be cut in bite-size portion before as well as during the BBQ. And it smells amazing on charcoal grill…

Korean BBQ, Koreanisches Essen
Marinated beef rib meat – 갈비살 (Galbisal)
Korean BBQ, Koreanisches Essen
Pork belly – 삼겹살 (Samgyeobsal)
Korean BBQ, Koreanisches Essen
Ready to eat – 삼겹살 (Samgyeobsal)
Korean BBQ, Koreanisches Essen
Beef slides with mushroom
Korean BBQ, Koreanisches Essen
Beef rib – 길비 (Galbi)

You can BBQ by yourself, cook the meat as you like. Restaurant’s staff will also help if necessary.

After a short time, the meat is ready to eat. You can simply take it from the grill and enjoy! Korean love to eat meat wrapped – 쌈 (ssam) – in a lettuce or sesame leaf – 깻잎 (ggeanip), together with spring onion, hot sauce, kimchi or what ever they like.

Wie isst man Korean BBQ, Rindfleisch
쌈 (ssam)

If you like drinking, a beer – 맥주 (meakju) or soju (소주) will be a great companion!

Hmmm… 아주 맛있어요!

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