Outdoor rock climbing at Uiam-Rock [Seoul]

Seoul is surrounded by many mountains, so that you can see them from almost everywhere in the city. In beautiful weather, you don’t have to go far away to have great mountain experiences: you can go for a hike e.g. on the Seoul city wall or go rock climbing in Insubong. A lot of multi-pitch routes from 5.6 to 5.12a, as well as boulder tours are there for you to try out.

Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul

How to get there?

You can put “Uiam Ticket office” into Naver Map to calculate the route there.

With the subway, just take UI-Sinseol to Bukhansan-UI Station. When you exit the station, your destination is already in front of you:

Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul

All you need to do is to follow the 삼양로 (Samyangro) street until you reach the 하닐교 (Hanilgyo) bridge. Right there, on the right side of the street, you will find the entrance to the Uiam Ticket office – your trailhead.

Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul

From there, you’re still 3km away from the base. It’s a warm up for your body before starting to climb. The way up is quite well maintained and the direction to “Uiam” is shown very clearly. (On your way back, you should follow the “Ui-dong Entrance” direction)
Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul
Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul

When you reach the 원통사 (Wontongsa) Temple, you’re only few minutes away from the base. Just pass by the temple (in 화장실 (Toilet) direction, then turn left after about 10m).

Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul

After approx. 10 min you’ll reach a small meadow, from here just go off path to the rock. There is the base of some routes.

Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul

Which routes to climb?

Currently, I haven’t found any Topo for the Uiam-Rock, but only the description of mountainproject.com. (Thanks for sharing!) However, my climbing mate E.N. and I still went to Uiam-rock last week to climb an easy route to get to know the local mountains. We’ve climbed Uiam-Spire (5.6 – 100m) and finished after about 3h.

It took longer time than expected, since the route was not really clear and you need to set cams in between. But no matter what… it was worthy to climb up. The view was amazing!

Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul
View after 1st pitch
Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul
View after 3rd pitch
Uiam, Rock climbing, Klettern in Seoul
View from top

All the hard work has paid off!

What to bring with?

  • Good mood and lots of energy
  • Water, sun block, heat and insect protection. Hint: there is a convenience store right at the exit #2 of the Bukhansan-UI station. There you can buy necessary stuff before you start.
  • Hiking shoes
  • Your climbing mate, rope rack and other gear.  Gloves would be helpful for rope down.
  • Navigation/GPS
  • Camera to capture the view

When to go?

When it’s not too hot and stays dry, it’s better to go climbing on weekdays to avoid the crowd.

The raining season has just begun in Seoul. It keeps on raining the whole last days. Hope the sun will come out soon for another climbing session!

There are so many places to do rock climbing in Korea. Click here to check it out!

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