Korean street food – 길거리 음식 (4)

It’s weekend again! And it’s also time to discover more of the tasty Korean street food.

16. Zero-kcal cold noodle – 우뭇 가사리 냉면 (Umut gasari naengmyeon)

Gwangjang market

Since the noodle is made from agar (seaweed extract), it has almost no taste and only give you very few calories. For about KRW5000 (~3,5€) you can have a bow cold noodle mixed with dried seaweed, lettuce, sesame seeds and ice-cold noodle water. Yummi when it’s hot. But the best part is, you don’t have to worry about the calories ?.

17. Korean pancake – 전/파전 (Jeon/Pajeon)

There are various type of pancake here: Kimchi pancake (김지전), seafood pancake (해물 파전) or simply vegetable pancake. All are really worth to try.

kimchi, vegetable

18. Deep fried vegetable – 튀김 (twigim)

Fries veg

It’s deep fried, crunchy, (a bit fatty) but really delicious.

19. Egg bread – 계란빵 (gyeranppang)


It’s a sweet that you can find almost every street in Korea, made from flour, egg and some cheese.

20. Walnut cake – 호두과자 (hodugwaja)

One of my favorite sweet in Korea: fresh made mini walnut cake filled with red bean paste and walnut pieces.


Happy weekend and have a lot of fun watching World Cup 2018!

Seoul city hall, korean fan article
Seoul people are also crazy for soccer, too…

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