Hangang Climbing Championship 2018 [Seoul]

After long time waiting, yesterday, the 3rd Spyder Hangang Climbing Championship 2018 was finally held in Banpo Hangang Park. Here you could watch professional as well as amateur rock climber competing and enjoying the 14-meter high wall, built directly on the water of the Han-river. All must climb without rope. And in case anyone cannot make the move, he or she would fall into the water.

Banpo Hangang Park

The amateur rock climbers started already in the morning. Only at around 7:30 pm, the final round with pros cominng from Korea, Japan, Germany, USA, Canada, etc. began.

The registration for this competition was in May. Since my climbing skill was just so so… I decided only to watch :-). My friends and I was at the park at around 6:30 pm to watch the pro-final. Truelly impressive!

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