A hike on Seoul city wall – 한양도성 (Hanyangdosong)

A wall was built in 1396 around Seoul to protect the city. It was about 5~8m high and 18,5 km long. Until yesterday, I could only remember to see the famous gates in the city, such as 남대문 (Namdaemun) or 동대문 (Dongdaemun), but no wall. But yesterday, we’ve made a 10km long hike along the northen part of the Seoul city wall from 혜화문 (Hyehwamun) to 남대문 (Namdaemun). The wall of this trail is so well maintained, that you can walk almost the whole time on the wall.

We started from Hyehwamun, which was at approx. 0m elevation, hiked up to 백악 (Baegak) (~342m), then down to 창의문 (Changuimun), then up again to 인왕산 (Inwangsan) (~339m), then down and walked to Namdaemun. It was a very green and quiet trail, partly guarded by the military (between 창의문 (Changuimun) and 숙정문 (Sukjeongmun)) with an amazing view above the city.

Seoul city wall, Hiking in Seoul

Seoul city wall, Hiking in Seoul

Seoul city wall, Hiking in Seoul

For more pictures, please visit mydaysinkorea.de.

Yesterday was a public holiday, however there were not many tourists on the trail. During the hike, I was always thinking that I was not in Seoul, but somewhere else in the mountain. It was really cool!

Things to bring with

What you should bring along for the hike: enough water; sun and/or rain protection; food; you’ll need your passport or your ARC if you’d like to pass the trail between Changuimun and Sukjeongmun; nice to have: a picnic blanket to seat down, have a rest and enjoy the great view.

You’ll find more information on the official web site of The Seoul city wall.

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