Korean street food – 길거리 음식 (3)

After trying some new Korean street food, I’ve found out, that some were really yummi, some were just tasteless but also worth to mention, for example number 11 and 12…

Pork skin and boneless chicken feet

11. Pork skin

Cooked pork skin was cut in pieces and mixed with salt, chili, other spices and topped with sesame. It tastes really like nothing, however it is supposed to be good for your skin, because of its high concentration of collagen…

12. Chicken feet (with bones or boneless)

Also cooked in sweet-spicy sauce – Korean style.

13. Grilled sweet potato – Goguma 고구마

You can smell it, before you see it… The delicious grilled sweet potato.

It’s also very popular in other country like Vietnam or China. Especially in winter, when it’s cold outside, there is nothing better than a hot grilled sweet potato. Hold it in your hands to keep your hands and make your stomach warm.


14. Popcorn – Gangneangi 강냉이

Yeah… I was really surprised and felt happy when I saw this booth. It reminds me a lot of my childhood in Vietnam, because this kind of popcorn was usually sold directly on the street outside of my school.

This popcorn looks different from the “western” one, since it’s made not only under heat, but also under pressure.

15. Sweet rice drink – Sikhye 식혜

It should be a dessert, but for me it’s kind of cold sweet soup, with some rice corn inside. Sikhye is one of the best drinks against the summer heat though.

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<To be continued…>

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