Seoul’s Flower city Yangjae – 양재 꽃 시장

On last Sunday, we visited the Flower city Yangjae in southern of Seoul to buy some plants and flowers for our new apartment. We were only in retail area, because other sections for cut flowers, wholesale, equipment’s, ect. were closed. Eventhough it was really huge, with various kinds of beautiful vegetation. Some of those, I’ve never seen anywhere before.

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After a while looking, asking, considering, we’ve finally selected 5 big plants, already set in nice pots. We also got some discount from the owner. The best thing was, we didn’t have to care about the transportation: there was a same day free delivery service!

Orange jasmin with great smell
Seoul, Pflanzen, Bogenhanf, Sansevieria stuckyi
Sansevieria stuckyi

How to get there?
You can use the Naver Map app to calculate the route ? or take the subway line 3 to Yangjae Station, then get out through exit 4, follow the Gangnam-daero street to the south until you see the gate of the Flower city.

Currently, some parts of the market is open on Sundays, but please double check online ahead before you visit.

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