Korean street food – 길거리 음식 (2)

I’ve had a very useful and amazing Korean lesson this week. We went to the traditional Gwangjang Market and learned names of the items, practiced with Korean, how to ask for price, buy or order food, etc. I feel quite confident now to ask those questions, but still struggle with all the answers Korean give me ?. Well well… need to practice more.

However, I found out, that Gwangjang market was a real food paradise. I personally perfer to go here than to the touristy Tongin market.

Besides the street food listed in my other post 길거리 음식 (1), you can find here a lot more, for example:

6. Mung bean cake – Bindaettoek 빈대떡

It’s very well-know food and can be found in many places, but Gwangjang market’s variant should be the most famous and delicious one. Made from mung bean paste, spring onion, bean sprout (veg) and meat, then crunchy fried, the cake is absolutely a must-try here.

7. Bibimbap 비빔밥

It’s a very famous and beloved korean food world wide. You’ll get a bowl of rice and other ingredients, e.g. vegetable, sprouts, meat, egg, ect., then have to mix, add some chilly paste if you want to, then enjoy! Of course, don’t forget to ask for Kimchi to eat with.

In restaurant, Bibimbap is usually served in a hot stone bowl. Very yummi!

8. Bibimguksu 비빔국수

Bibimguksu is made similar as Bibimbap, only instead of rice, noodle (국수). You can have it hot or cold, with or without broth, veg or non-veg.

9. Fish bread without fish – Bongeobbang 붕어빵

Do you like to eat fish? If NOT, then you should try this one ?:

It’s actually a kind of waffle, made from sweet dough and bean paste. A really yummi dessert. Still skeptical? See how these youtubers try this “Fish bread without fish”  ?.

10. Soft icecream

Another tasty dessert that you can find anywhere… There are a lot of tastes (milk, strawberry, chocolate, etc.) and variants (short, long – up to 50cm, as a flower, etc., etc.)… ?

<to be continued>

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