Get to know the way of tea to and in Korea

During one of my last trips in Seoul, I by chance visited a very small and hidden Tea house in the middle of Insadong. Its name sounds very romantic – 달새는 달만 생각한다 – The moon-bird is only thinking about the moon. This was my first time I had korean tea and korean tea set in front of me.

To be honest, I was a bit overstrained by so many parts of the tea set. All you need to do is only to pour the water over the tea, isn’t it ?? I somehow made the tea, it tasted really good, but not sure whether I did it correctly or not. Since then, I really wanted to know, in which way tea should be prepared in Korea.

Last weekend we finally got to know more about the korean tea culture, through a power lecture organized by the travel community Hippie-Korea ~ How tea found its way to and in Korea ~.

The lecture began with the tea ceremony. In a room filled with natural sounds, on a stage, in front of a pavilion (background) three tee sets were placed on three lower tables. At those, the three tea masters performed the tea ceremony. Every move, every operation was done gently, with high concentration and accuracy. It seemed to me, that we had been in a meditation session in the forest. Extremely relaxing…

After this 15-min performance, Prof. David A. Mason came and told us about the history of the korean tea culture, how it came to Korea, who were the important master, etc.. It was a really informative but very interesting and easy to understand lecture. I now know a little bit more about the history, but it makes me even more curious. I would like to visit Jiri-san (지리산), where the tea history began and also want to know, what is the meaning of each step in the tea ceremony.

At last, we could taste two kinds of tea, harvested early this year. The green tea was very delight and soft, while the yellow tea (fermented) was a bit stronger, harsh but both were wonderful.

Many thanks to Hippie-Korea and Prof. Mason for giving us such a great lecture.

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