Korean street food – 길거리 음식 (1)

While walking through Seoul, especially in big shopping or university areas you will find a lot of food trucks, standing around and selling good looking street food. If you listen to the Korean people eating there, you may hear „mahsitssoyo“ (맛있어요) – it’s delicious. The price is also very affordable, somewhat between KWR1.000~10.000 ($1~10).

But what are they selling? ?


What you can find very often is…

1. Rice cake – Tteokbokki (떡볶이)

Rice cake, Seoulstreetfood

It doesn’t taste sweet as a cake. Actually tteokbokki tastes like a very big noodle piece, soft and white. But it will be cooked in a red chilli broth or grilled with sausages, that give it the taste.

2. Fish cake with soup – Odeng / Eomuk-guk (오뎅 /어묵국)

Fish cake, Seoulstreetfood

Again a cake, that is not sweet, made from fish and other ingredients. It’s usually very thin and skewered like a wave. You will always see the skewers in a warm broth (fish cake soup), which is also very tastety – 맛있어요!

3. Rice rolls – Gimbap (김밥)

This is actually the korean variant of Maki-sushi, made of rice, fresh vegetables and pickles and rolled in a seaweed sheet.

4. Blood sausage – Sundae (순대)

Blutwurst, Koreanisches Essen

A very traditional and very famous korean food made from intestines, blood and noodles. Cut pieces are cooked in a red chilly broth with some tteokbokki, cabbage and herbst. Very interesting taste.

5. Sausage


Jupp, Korean people also love to eat “real” sausage made from pork meat. Just add some more sugar and sauce. You can have it cooked, grilled, deep fried, with tteokbokki and in many other variants.

<to be continued>

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