Boulder gym – The Core Climbing (TCC) [Seoul]

After trying out rock climbing at The Climb Hongdae twice I’m really happy. It will be my regular training spot from now on. But as I already mentioned, I also wanted to check other locations in Seoul, and today I’ve made it to visit another boulder gym – The Core Climbing (TCC).

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The core climbing

This boulder gym is located in one of the busiest part of the city – Insa-dong, in a 10 floor building (again very unexpected location). You can reach it by taking the subway line 1, then exit at Jonggak station through gate 4. After that, heading east to Samil-daero, then turn right. After walking about 200m you will see on the left side a building with a poster with TCC on it. That’s the right one. Then just enter the gate, take the lift to 9th floor and you’ll be in the gym.

First of all, when you enter, you will see all the training equipments:

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The reception is right behind of you. After filling out the Korean registration form with support from staff, paying for the daily pass (KRW20.000) you can now go down and start to climb. Really easy!

There are in total 2 walls with short routes with different levels from 1 (very easy) to 6 (extremly difficult), a longer wall (partly with perspex) with longer routes and the best is, a kind of an island in the middle of the gym, with a lot of round routes. You can just keep on climbing around this island until you’re pumped up ?.

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Further equiptments such as finger training boards, one chin up, etc. are also available there.

In comparison to The Climb Hongdae, the TCC is a little bit smaller and has less short routes. But since the wall is not sanded, it is slippery and hence more difficult to climb. I really love the idea with the island, where you can really climb endlessly ?. All routes seem to be new and in good state. Let’s see when they will renew the walls.

I noticed that at the entrance there was a picture of Kim Jain ? with the staff. She is a famous korean rockclimber girl, whose videos on internet are really impressive to watch. And a TV was in a gym as well, where you can see videos of the last IFCS cup!

Below you will find some more pictures about opening time, price, etc.

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For more information please visit TCC’s Facebook page.

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