Get to know the way of tea to and in Korea

During one of my last trips in Seoul, I by chance visited a very small and hidden Tea house in the middle of Insadong. Its name sounds very romantic – 달새는 달만 생각한다 – The moon-bird is only thinking about the moon. This was my first time I had korean tea and korean tea set in front of me.

To be honest, I was a bit overstrained by so many parts of the tea set. All you need to do is only to pour the water over the tea, isn’t it 😅? I somehow made the tea, it tasted really good, but not sure whether I did it correctly or not. Since then, I really wanted to know, in which way tea should be prepared in Korea.

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May – the Month of festival in Seoul

Since we’ve arrived in Seoul beginning of May, we found out that there were always festivals during the weekend somewhere in the city. It began with the Lantern exhibition on the Cheonggyecheon stream on May 5th.

Lotuslaternenfest, Lotus lantern festival, Seoul festival

Followed by the Parents’ day on May 8th, on which you could see beautiful carnations being sold everywhere.

Parents day, Seoul

Then it was the Lotus lantern festival with the wonderful parade in the rain on May 12th.

Lotuslaternenfest, Lotus lantern, jogyesa, seoul, buddha, Umzug, Laternenumzug

During last weekend, the romantic Rose festival took place on the riverbanks of Jungnangcheon.


And this week, musician and music lovers from everywhere also came to Seoul to join the Seoul Drum Festival.

trommel, seoul

May is really a lively month to have a new beginning in Seoul!



Korean street food – 길거리 음식 (1)

While walking through Seoul, especially in big shopping or university areas you will find a lot of food trucks, standing around and selling good looking street food. If you listen to the Korean people eating there, you may hear „mahsitssoyo“ (맛있어요) – it’s delicious. The price is also very affordable, somewhat between KWR1.000~10.000 ($1~10).

But what are they selling? 😏


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How to get around in Seoul with Metro

After spending a lot of time stucking in traffic jam in Seoul, I felt it really not funny, sometimes even frustrating, to drive in Seoul 😤. For me, the best way to travel in the city is to take the subway (지하철 metro) and walk. There are a lot of information online for tourists how to use the subway, e.g. from the Seoul Metro site. But here are my additional 4 tipps for you after using the subway multiple times.

1. How to plan your route?

You can easly get a subway map everywhere: from your guide book, from a tourist map, google maps, etc. However, the network in Seoul is really huge, that’s why you may need a magnifier to read all station names on the maps.

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